Blasting en painting
Blasting with steelgrit, corund en glass beads and applying of several coating systems

Our activities

Steelgrit, corund & glass beads

Remove rust, old coating and other pollutions by blasting. We are blasting ferro surfaces with steel grit, non-ferro and wooden surfaces with corund and glass beads.

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Zink or aluminium

Metallizing is accomplished by feeding zinc wire into a heated gun, where it is melted and sprayed onto abrasively cleaned surface. This gives a very good cathodic protection. It is possible to apply a coating system over the metallized surface.

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Several coating systems

We can choose from several coating systems and suppliers, depending on the customers specifications. From a simple primer to high build drinking water or sewage systems and on- and offshore projects on several surfaces.

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Satink Hengelo BV
Since 1932 …

Started in 1932 as a small painting company and been growth to a dynamic blast and coating company with much specialties off protection and decoration.

Our main activities are blasting, metallizing en painting with several coating systems. Our team will do its best to coat the products in our own conditioned cabins.
The security of the products, our surrounding and of course the neatness is important to us.
You find detailed descriptions of our activities at our website.

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